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Why Support Us

As a private organization ICSL prides itself on never refusing quality education to any child that chooses to apply himself no matter his financial situation.  Children are encouraged to dream and create goals towards a better future in an area where social classes tend to make it hard to rise above.


ICSL strives to engage the children to make a difference in their own community, taking what they have learned beyond the four walls of the classroom.  This allows the children to see that no matter how little they may have, it can still create a lasting impact in the lives of others.  So it's not about what you have - it's about who you are.


The heart of ICSL is to never turn a family away who is not able to pay. Becuase of this a financial burden is left on the school and the staff that lovingly nuture the children.  Some of the parents who struggle financially help with the upkeep of the school and in keeping costs down.   But even so, ICSL still depends heavly on outside support to cover the staff, supplies,  and operational costs. We hope you will consider giving to ICSL.


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